Questions Every Seller Should Ask

Why The Right Realtor Matters When Selling

Upon beginning your search, you’ll find that many agents specialize in areas beyond general residential properties. You’ll find specialists in luxury homes, distressed properties, international transactions and more. Before you dive in, it’s important to determine whether you’re dealing with a specific property type and/or a certain market segment – high-end homes, retirement communities, etc. This will help you from the start.

It’s equally important to find an agent who can get the job done. Although your uncle’s friend may dabble in real estate, ask yourself if he’s really the person most qualified to help you buy or sell your home. Personal referrals are great, but only if they’re based on relevant criteria.

Abilities matter. And production matters. You want someone with experience, education and a proven track record of successful closings. On all counts, RE/MAX is a solid place to start your search. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX, and RE/MAX agents collectively hold more professional designations than agents at any other national real estate brand.

Questions Every Seller Should Ask

Before you sign a listing contract with an agent, interview at least two or three candidates and ask the following questions:

  1. Can you tell me about your real estate sales experience?
  2. How do you plan to market my property?
  3. Do you work part-time or full-time as an agent?
  4. What is the right price for this house? And how did you arrive at that figure?
  5. How long will it take to sell at this price? What are the average days on market for a house like mine?
  6. How will current market conditions affect my home sale?
  7. How much should I expect to pay in commission?
  8. What kind of communication and/or updates can I expect from you?
  9. Can you provide references from three sellers you’ve worked with in the past six months?
  10. What happens if my house doesn’t sell in the time we contract for?
RE/MAX Seller Tip: When the agent discusses what they are doing for marketing it’s important to note that running a few classified ads in the local paper, listing it on the Internet and holding an open house shouldn’t be the only answers. The practitioner should be able to talk about what kinds of people are likely buyers and how he will reach out to those specific people.
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